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How to get the product samples you want?

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If you have any questions regarding our Jiangnan cable’s sample, please call us at +86-13771376830 or email us at  jn@jiangnancable.com.

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The purpose of the business is Win-Win,we are glad to receive your email about enquiry,technical problem,free sample,etc.
Get your free sample after help us to finish one form.

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If the sample’s value is not high,we can provide it to you without the sample fee,but you should undertake the express fee.

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DHL,UPS,EMS,TNT,FEDEX or other you wanted(if the express is undertake by yours).

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The pictures of the sample will be send to your email.

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The express tracking number will be sent to your email immediately.

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Didn’t find the answer?

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