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Class 1E Nuclear Cable

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This product has good performance of fire-resistant, low smoke,low comsion,light temperature resistance, radiation prwf. It is suitable for the special requirements in nuclear station. Radiation resistant cable is suitable for inner containment(1E K1) and overall containment(1E K2 K3) of power transmission,control, surveillance measuring and communication system in nuclear station.

Enterprise Standards,IEC,BS,ASTM and etc. upon request.




Rated Voltage:
From 300/300V to 8.7/15kV according to different series.
Permissible Max.continous operating temperature of conductor:
Ambient temperature of installation:
Not less than 0℃
Permissible bending radius:
According to relevant standard of wire and cable.
No-halogen low-fume fire-resistant and radiation resistant,is suitable for special require in nuclear station.

For inner and overall containment of power cable,control cable,measuring cable,compensation cable in nuclear station

1.Operating life:
No shorter than 40 years under normal operation
2.Halogen Performance:
a.Halogen acid ≤5mg/g
b.Emitted smock density≥70%
3.Flam-retardant characteristic
a.Insulated core of Power cable,control cable and measuring cable rated voltage at lkv Shall pass GB/T 18380.1 test on a single vertical under fire condition. The charred portion shall have reached exceeding 50mm~540mm above the bottom of upper supporting shaft.
b.The finished cables shall pass GB/T 18380.3 test on bunched cables under fire condition. The charred portion shall not have reached exceeding 2.5m above the bottom edge of the burner, and
flaming period shall not continue 1 hour after stopping burning.
c.After thermal ageing test and radiation ageing test, the finished products shall pass vertical burning test according to IEEE1202.
4. Radiation -proof performance
According to IEEE 383,k2 cable should pass the irradiation test of 250×kGy irradiation dose under normal work condition. K1 cable should pass the irradiation test of 250kGy irradiation dose under normal work condition and 600kGy irradiation dose under accident condition.
5.Capacitance and damping of instrumentation cable
K2 K3 cable: the working capacitance shall not be larger than 115pF/m at 1kHz. The imbalance capacitance shall not be larger than 250pF for each 250m cable. The cross talk damping value shall not less than 9.4nP for 100m cable at 0.8~1.0kHz.
K1: the working capacitance shall not be larger than 120pF/m at 1kHz. The imbalance capacitance shall not be larger than 1000pF for each 500m cable.
6. Thermo electromotive force of compensation cable
Compensation cable,reciprocate electric resistance of conductor should according to thermo electromotive force 4095μV, allowable error 60μV when referring temperature at 0℃, work temperature at 100℃.

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